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Black Americans Entering the Marketplace Joseph A. Bailey

Black Americans Entering the Marketplace

Joseph A. Bailey

Published August 3rd 2010
ISBN : 9781595944108
362 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Since most Black Americans have never been taught how to prepare to enter into and remain inside the USA marketplace, all Black youth on this path are to be respected for being mental jewels- honored for their courage- and encouraged to be potential leaders of Black Americans progress. By leaving the crowd, by doing things their own way, and by being targets of envious and evil people means they will become Isolated Individualists-those forced to succeed alone while battling hostile marketplace opponents. To survive and thrive they need to know what matters regarding what they really want and how much of it is enough- how to be powerful thinkers- how to fashion opportunities- how to be efficient and effective- how to choose a suitable career and mate- how to run a business and orchestrate money- how to stay out of trouble- how to extract and prioritize what is most important- and how to form workable solutions for ones Selfhood, Home Life, marketplace life, and Outside World life. These issues are addressed in this book. In addition, to win battles against hostile marketplace opponents and with the least damage possible certain defensive and offensive methods of Ancient African martial artists and Ancient Chinese warriors are extensively discussed.