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Pleasure Bound Anthology


Published November 5th 2010
ISBN : 9781907010439
0 pages
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Sun, Surf and Sex on a Beach by Tuesday MorriganSun, Surf, and a summer affair...she just might experience all three, if he can keep her alive long enough.Sun, surf, and a summer affair are the three things on Michaela Jamesons list of things to doMoreSun, Surf and Sex on a Beach by Tuesday MorriganSun, Surf, and a summer affair...she just might experience all three, if he can keep her alive long enough.Sun, surf, and a summer affair are the three things on Michaela Jamesons list of things to do while on vacation in Sydney, Australia. For years now beakers, Bunsen burners and hypotheses have been Michaela Jamesons whole existence. But her latest experiment just might cost Michaela her life. Determined to keep their star project alive, her employers hire Donovan Kelly to protect its most important asset, Michaela.One look at Donovan and Michaela knows shes in trouble. With him guarding her twenty four seven she sees little chance of achieving her goals. One glance at what Michaelas hiding underneath her lab coat and Donovan knows he wants in. And judging by the heat between them, Donovan might just get his chance. That is if he can keep the sexy scientist alive long enough to cross everything off her to do list, wicked sex included.Aloha Kaua by Jenna ByrnesOn her first trip to Hawaii, Michaela Donovan discovers lust and love in the most unusual place.Aloha Kaua. May there be love between us. Michaela Donovan isnt sure about love, but shes looking for something on her first trip to the Hawaiian island of Oahu. Her week-long stay with a group of sales contest winners, real estate agents like herself, starts out as boring as the man from Sheboygan who has eyes for her. Desperate to squeeze some fun from the rest of her vacation, Michaela sets her sights on the handsome surfer she sees every time she turns around.Kale Mahai hangs out on the beach, surfs, then hangs out on the beach some more. Michaela cant help noticing his silky, shoulder-length black hair and smooth, muscular chest. She can only imagine whats under his colourful board shorts, and spends a lot of time doing exactly that. Kales blue eyes are enticing, his manner seductive. His style is totally different from anyone Michaela ever met in Chicago.What happens in Oahu stays in Oahu, right? Michaela might as well enjoy herself. Its not every day she has a vacation from ordinary, and the Hawaiian-speaking hunk who turns her world upside down isnt the type to stick around forever. When Kale predictably disappears, Michaelas reaction, and response, surprise even her.Honeymoon for Three by Christy LockhartJilted! Left at the altar, Claire Cavanaugh runs away to hide, only to end up with the honeymoon of her life.Running away had never been so good...Intending to hide from the embarrassment of being left at the altar, Claire Cavanaugh goes on honeymoon alone, only to find two strappingly handsome Norwegian men, one a Norse god, the other a bear of a Viking, at her beck and call.Finn Odegaard and Christian Petersen are as wild and rugged as the fjords they call home. The two have been looking for a third to complete their relationship and when Claire arrives alone, they cant believe their luck. This lovely lady is brave, bold, and has a sexily curvy body that makes them dream of a honeymoon, for three.Reader Advisory: This story contains m/m intimacy as part of a polyamorous relationship.Selenes Awakening by Jude MasonTake a gorgeous, Canadian alpha male, whos fled the rat race and moved to the woods, and add an equally gorgeous, but spoiled, British woman with an attitude and buried submissive tendencies and what do you have? World War III? Love? Maybe a little of both?Disillusioned with the world and all its civilised gadgetry, David Wolf moves to the wilds of Western Canadas forests. Selene Jordan, one of the rich and infamous, is from the UK. She has it all and isnt afraid to show it off, or berate anyone who doesnt have as much.Selene is vacationing in Canada and manages to run her pretty blue sports car into a ditch, and knock herself out in the process. David finds and rescues her, much to his chagrin later. She tries ordering him around and refuses to do anything to help herself or make his life easier. Yet, David keeps his calm. After all, shes not going anywhere, and hes got a plan.Will Selene learn to pull her own weight? Or will David have to teach her a lesson in proper guest etiquette? Sparks fly and emotions run hot as these two vie for the alpha position. A position that only one of them really wants.Reader Advisory: This story contains sensual spankings and mild D/s.Sex Therapy by Nadia AidanThe good doctor may be the expert, but he proves himself the master, as he takes her on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy.Dr. Elena Bouchere, an expert in womens sexuality, has just one tiny little secret, shes no expert! Its been two years since shes last had sex, which means most of her advice has nothing to do with personal experience, as she claims, and more to do with her own wild imagination.And no one knows more about Elenas wild imagination than reporter Julien Bond, who just happens to be in possession of her very naughty, very explicit diary, which reveals all the sordid details of her fantasies, none of which shes ever brought to life. But Julien wants to rectify that, so hes made a list, and over the course of a weekend vacation at an exclusive fantasy resort, he begins each day with the promise of pleasure, and ends it with the fulfilment of one fantasy from Elenas diary, leaving her in anticipation of what he will do next.The good doctor may be the expert, but Julien proves himself the master, as he takes Elena on a sensual journey, filled with steamy, hot nights and plenty of sex therapy.Light on the Water by MimaShe sees the beauty of mixing silver with gold, and will fight to make him see it, too.When Sid was twenty-two, a summer storm took her into the sea. And then a merman brought her back. Not content with his decision, she dedicates herself to finding him again, ruthlessly exploring the waters of Bermuda. Hes the most beautiful thing shes ever seen, and every inch of her sings yes in his presence.When she finds him again, her battle has just begun. For matches between their peoples do not often end happily...Reader Advisory: This story contains anal sex and toy play.