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Dirty Dozen: Episode 5 Victor Cox

Dirty Dozen: Episode 5

Victor Cox

Kindle Edition
17 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

I could feel the hefty piece of manhood on top of my tongue and I almost panicked with the realization that he might want me to deep throat this thing.Rafe had always known that he would be either in jail or dead by the time he was 40. Now that he was in jail, he realized that life wasn’t all that different from the outside. Everybody was in prison in one way or the other in their life, but society had made it mandatory for those of his particular skills to be behind bars. Being an assassin and muscle for hire for a major crime family had its perks, but it also had its risks. He had always been drawn to the masculine form, but outside he would always have to be alert for anybody that would see him as different. Inside here, he had found a kindred spirit in Markus, but there was a secret that he was keeping that would forever change the way that Markus thought about him.Now that his roommate was Markus, he no longer had to look over his shoulder, but he still had a job to do. The warden was still expecting results and it was only months away until the election would take place. The warden wanted to get out from underneath the prison system, come out into the light of day and run for a senate seat. The only way to do that was to clean up the mess that he had allowed to happen underneath his watch. Rafe is now a culinary expert, giving his best dishes, not including the ones that he has on the side. There will be someone that wants to kill again and he’ll have to either let it happen or do something about this persons right to justice.